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Terms and conditions

Information in accordance with the Code for the protection of personal data

Terms and Conditions for the use of web portal Nsys Tech LTD.

Please read carefully the following document in which they are established rules for the use of services offered by the Nsys Tech LTD. Through the following websites: http://quicklyhere.com. Once you have logged on to the websites mentioned, assumed the duty to comply with the following conditions, without modification, as well as to comply strictly with all legal provisions of the law.

If you decide not to accept the terms and conditions of the following document, the character of which is compulsory and binding, must refrain to use these portals and / or services related or bound.

You, as a user, has the obligation to read, understand and accept all the conditions set forth in the following Terms and Conditions, as well as the Standards and Policies for the Protection of Privacy and any other documents that are part of it, before you can seek and obtain his registration as a user of any of the portals mentioned above.

The Services are available only to persons possessing the legal capacity to enter into contracts. They can not use the services mentioned in people who do not have the capacity to contract , minors and those who have been suspended temporarily or permanently incapacitated for the use of the services it provides Nsys Tech LTD through the portals in reference . If he/she is about to enter an enterprise as a user, must have the capacity to contract in the name and representation of it, and even the ability to bind to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1. - Registration .

Is mandatory to complete the online registration form with all the fields with valid data and truthful, to be able to take advantage of the services offered by each of the portals described above. The future User must complete the picture "Personal Data" with their personal information so exact, accurate and truthful and assumes no obligation to update any Personal Data whenever necessary. The Nsys Tech LTD will make use of the tools that it considers necessary to identify its users , but does not assume any responsibility for the certainty or uncertainty of Personal Data made by Users. It is the latter who are called to respond, in any case, the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data that have administered.
The Nsys Tech LTD makes express reservation of his right to request an additional registration to those Members who act as dealers or real estate agents, so that they can access the packages special publications. In these cases, once completed enrollment additional offers for sale of motor vehicles or property carried out by dealers or real estate agencies , respectively, will be published only in the network of portals previously indicated , through one of the packages above , or in such manner as the Nsys Tech LTD put in place for this kind of users .

The Nsys Tech LTD makes express reservation of his right to call for any evidence and / or additional data for the purpose of corroborating the personal information, and the right to temporarily or permanently suspend any user whose data could not be ascertained. In these cases of incapacitation, Nsys Tech LTD may suspend all articles published, as well as offers made , and will not be obliged to make reparation or compensation of any kind for his conduct, in these cases, generates any right in favor of the User.

The user logs on to his personal account by entering your User ID and the safety pin that has chosen. The user assumes the obligation to protect and maintain the confidentiality of your Pin Safety. Each Account is personal, unique and non-transferable , and is banned User registration or possession of more than one Account . In the event that the Nsys Tech LTD database is different Accounts that contain overlapping or related data, you can delete, suspend or disable them.

The User is responsible for all operations in the Account, as to be able to access it is essential to use the Safety Pin, knowledge of which is the exclusive task of the User. The latter is obliged to immediately notify the Nsys Tech LTD, in the form demonstrably any unauthorized use of their account, as well as access without authorization of third parties to the latter. Is forbidden the sale, assignment or transfer of the account, including the reputation and qualification, in any form.

2 . - Modification of the agreements.

If that were the proposals of changes to these Terms and Conditions, each subscriber will be informed with the advance in the established laws and rights are respected and the terms that they could belong . If the User decides to withdraw, cancel your membership or do not agree to the proposed changes, they will notify by e-mail. In these cases, provided that the Member had nothing to pay, the contractual relationship will be dissolved and its registration will be canceled.

3 . - Services

3.1 Payment System

3.1.1 Paypal :

Each user will be able to pay directly the services you want to capture the portals from Nsys Tech LTD or may also make use of the payment system of the Users Sellers, who, when they publish an advertisement in the portals of the Nsys Tech LTD, expressly authorize the system use Paypal as one of the forms available to pay for the good or service and take on the commitment not to change the price and terms of sale of the goods or services offered , when the buyer decides to pay through Paypal. In addition, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted y the Terms and Conditions of use of the above-mentioned payment system.

3.1.2 Bank Transfer:

Each user will be able to pay for services that want to acquire through the portals of the Nsys Tech LTD, or even can make use of the payment system of the individual user seller. The latter, once you’ve posted your ad in the portals of Nsys Tech LTD, has given , ipso facto, the expressed consent for the use of the bank as one of the means to pay for the good or service and can not change the sale price of the good or service if the buyer decides to use bank transfer as a payment instrument .
3.2 Publication of goods and / or services.

Each User must provide the goods and / or services in the categories or sub- categories that are appropriate. The publications may include descriptive text, graphics, photographs and other content and the relevant conditions for the sale of goods or contracting of the service, but will not violate any of the stipulations of this agreement or instructions that, separately, may determine the Nsysteh L.T.D. The product offered by the User Seller shall be described exactly in every detail, showing the conditions and characteristics. It provides for the presumption that once the user has made the inclusion of its goods or services in portals in reference, agreed to have the respect and the full right to proceed with the sale of goods or services which he offered, to have all the right to bargain in this sense, to be the holder by the developer or the offer to have the proper authorization given by the holder, and to have the availability of the product or service for immediate delivery. It states that the published price of the products shall be construed in legal tender, with the taxes, the case was proceeding in its application. The Nsys Tech LTD may remove any offer or publication whose price is not expressed in the above form to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings with respect to the price of the final product. It is expressly agreed that no description can contain personal information or contact information such as phone numbers, e-mail address , mailing address, Internet pages that contain data, such as described , or others whose purpose except for the categories , cars, motorcycles and others, real estate, property and services, categories in which it is permitted to include in the publication , the seller's phone , and even in the category in which services will also be published e-mail address and phone seller , as it will also include the address and the URL of its website

They can not be advertised or other forms of payment instruments distinct from those established by the Nsys Tech LTD are advertised on the page where the articles on offer. If that were to be breached any of the provisions set out in this clause, the Nsys Tech LTD can edit the space, requiring the user to edit, or delete the publication that contains the infringement, and in no case and for no reason, will be donated or reclaimed sums of money in the possession of Nsys Tech LTD as consideration of publication or publication.

3.3 Images , pdf , video.

You can include images and photographs of the product offered with the condition that they refer and correspond to the specific article, unless it be of goods, products or services which, by their nature, do not allow such mail.
The Nsys Tech L.T.D will prevent the publication of any photograph, and included with the product, when, according to their own criteria, the image did not give fulfillment to these Terms and Conditions.
And is forbidden the publication of images, PDFs , video material with pornographic, erotic or not intended for minors , as well as any other material contrary to morals and good customs . Will be considered a material not intended for minors or shows everything that included images of human genitalia that suggested sexual activity, people participating in sexual relations, different materials prohibited to minors, and materials and other objects whose purpose was to generate sexual arousal.

3.4 Prohibited Items.

Will only have access to and be incorporated in the list of goods and / or services, those whose sale is not prohibited tacitly or explicitly appears in the terms and conditions of use and other communications issued by the Nsys Tech LTD or by applicable law.

Is strictly prohibited, in the most absolute form , offering, buying and selling currency , coins or paper money, force and / or circulation of legal tender or not, European and / or non-European , by means of portals of Nsys Tech LTD. This prohibition also includes the provision of financial services or any other means of avoiding currency exchange controls or other restrictions established by law.

And is forbidden the offer and sale of narcotics, drugs, hallucinogens, or any other type of substances, in any of the existing forms, not authorized by law. Likewise, it is prohibited the offer and sale of tools , implements and any other product intended for the production of these substances , their modification, process or consumption . This prohibition also extends to any article that can promote or stimulate the production, consumption or distribution of reference substances.

It’s absolutely forbidden the sale of articles, goods or stolen products, no matters to whom are they belonged. In the event that the Nsys Tech LTD had the suspicion of being in front of an asset, item or stolen product, please contact the relevant authorities to investigate the situation and determine the corresponding responsibilities.

And is forbidden the offer and / or sale of persons, human bodies, corpses, organs, members or human waste. Are cited only by way of example, the following: blood, semen, bone, organs, skin, etc.

And is forbidden the sale of articles of pornographic, erotic or not intended for minors, as well as any other good or service contrary to morals and good customs. Items will be considered as unsuitable for minors or those who show include:
Images of human genitalia to suggest sexual activity;
People participating in sexual activities;
Material prohibited for minors;
Materials, objects and anything else whose purpose is to generate or stimulate sexual arousal

It’s also prohibited the publication or use of images, text or content with sexual connotations, erotica , nudity or semi-nudity , or intent to capture the attention of the user or visitor through the use of appeals of this kind.

An exception from the limitations above those items that form part of a publication that has not been created with sexual intentions. If they were articles of this type and characteristics will be eliminated immediately.

With the exception referred , is prohibited the sale, publication and / or the supply of articles, goods or services, in any category, related to : child abuse, child pornography , nudity of minors or any other way in which minors participate , sex under threat , violation , movies or photographs obtained in the form illegal, underage , or without the consent of the people in the exhibition , escort services or sexual services and / or any other goods or services contrary to morals and good customs , video amateur , movies made with hidden room of people who have not consented to the recording and the reproduction or distribution that contain any type of sexual activity.

4 Privacy of Information Security and Confidentiality of Personal Information

As has been explained, to use services offered by portals y of Nsys Tech LTD, each user must provide certain personal data . This personal information is processed and stored in servers or magnetic tools provided with the highest standards of safety and security, both physical as technological.
The Nsys Tech LTD may not sell, rent or negotiate with other companies the personal information of Users, unless the forms and the cases established by the privacy policies published on the site. The personal information is stored on servers or high security magnetic tools. The Nsys Tech LTD is striving to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal information of Users.
To protect the information it receives, transmits and stores, the Nsys Tech LTD has the ID and Digital Technology Secure Server ID. These two systems guarantee secure transactions through the digital authentication. In addition, communication with users is realized within a channel of absolute privacy. Among the technological components of safety of Nsys Tech LTD there are: For the first "Digital ID “, digital identification with digital certificates that allow the use of a channel virtually inviolable, due to the fact that the information travels through encrypted cyber space, and then the Secure Socket Layer, by means of these tools, the Nsys Tech LTD

Use the encryption or the lining of the information, with a hood protector consists of two keys: one public, which can be seen by all users, and another private, and unique, preserved in the spaces of restricted access. In this way, each message is protected or encrypted, so that it can be received and understood only by the specific recipient, using a public key that contributes to the activation of the protection.

With the aim to provide excellent service and, so that users can carry out operations safely and agile, the Nsys Tech LTD requires certain personal information, including e-mail. The collection of information allows users to offer several features and services tailored to their needs and at the same time, to customize the services so that their experience with portals to have the greatest possible convenience. The information we collect Nsys Tech LTD has as its purpose the following:

1) Serve helps the buyer and the seller so that they can establish direct contact as is necessary, in agreement with the mode of purchase. In this case, the Nsys Tech LTD will provide interested parties the personal data, such as name, phone, location and e-mail, via e-mail or through the website. The information obtained in this way, either by the Buyer as the Seller, will only be used to the effects of the transaction initiated by the portals of Nsys Tech LTD.
2 ) To develop research and studies of internal character , interests , behavior and demographics of users to better understand their needs and their interests in order to improve the supply and quality of services and provide them with information relating

3) Improving the commercial and promotional initiatives of the Nsys Tech LTD, and analyze the pages visited, searches made by the users, to improve the supply of articles and content, customizing, both in presentation as in services.

4) Send information or messages, by e-mail, services of Nsys Tech LTD and its portals, as well as the information expressly authorized in the “Preferences”. If the user wants, he can also ask for exclusion lists for the sending of advertising or promotional uses. The winners of promotions and / or contests made by the Nsys Tech L.T.D , the expressly authorize to spread their names, personal information, their images and those of their families , through the streets and in the manner they consider convenient , with advertising purposes and / or promotional purposes , without the right to receive any compensation .

5 ) Sharing personal information (including email address ) with the service providers or companies "outsourcing " who pay a contribution to the improvement and simplification of operations through the portals of Nsys Tech LTD , such as ( without limitation ) transportation services , payment instruments , insurance or brokerage in the management of payments, call centers , loyalty programs , etc. . The Nsys Tech LTD will watch to ensure that certain standards are compiutu whose objective is the confidentiality of the personal data of its users. Notwithstanding, the Nsys Tech LTD does not assume any responsibility for the misuse of the user's personal information by these companies or web sites. In certain cases, these providers of services they will collect information directly by the user (for example, when we require them to make inquiries, surveys or studies varied). In these cases , the user will receive a notification on the participation of a provider of services in such activities and the User will decide , in his prudent judgment , or not to provide the requested information , as well as authorize the use of that specific ' any provider wishing to give the information . So, in the case that the User would facilitate, on their own initiative and directly, additional information on any of the above providers of services, the latter will decide how to use the information in accordance with their own privacy policies. On the other hand, if the Nsys Tech LTD decides to reveal or share the personal information of any User, which is in possession, with third parties that are not providers of services or companies related or affiliated with Nsys Tech LTD, will require you to express your consent. Among the providers of services that collect information directly to us is the Google Inc., a Delaware company whose main office is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States of America (" Google "). Through the use of "cookies" on which you will make more extensive reference later , Google gets certain information on the activities of Members of the portals of Nsys Tech LTD and its IP address , this information is directly transmitted and stored by Google in its servers in the USA. LA Google will use this information on behalf of Nsys Tech LTD with the purpose to analyze and compile report on the activities of users on the Internet, with the aim of improving its services. The Google may transmit the said information to third parties when the regulations applicable or when the above third prosecute the information on behalf of Google. The User expressly allows the treatment of your information from Google in the form and for the purposes already mentioned.

6) Providing personal information of Users institutions which intervene in the resolution of disputes between them, such as: insurance companies, the competent Courts or Tribunals of Arbitration to resolve such disputes.

Each User, whether particular or business, authorizes the portals of Nsys Tech LTD, for the use of the User's e-mail, so that every company can send to Users who have previously selected this option, different information such as news, promotion ad (products, vehicles, and real estate), jobs and estimates.

4.1 The use of information from other users
To facilitate interaction among all members of the community portals of Nsys Tech LTD, the service rendered by it allows limited access to certain contact details of the rest of users, such as the User's name, mobile, city and email address.
You can only use the personal information of other users contained in the site for:

1) Communications relating to the portals of Nsys Tech LTD should not consist in unsolicited commercial communications.

2) Use the services offered in the portals of Nsys Tech LTD (for example, transfers, insurance, delivery or transportation and reclamations to the concept of fraud.

3) Any other purpose expressly permitted by the User correspondent, after what has been communicated ' is the information legally required

4.2 Cookies

Both the User Visitant as the web portals of Nsys Tech LTD know and accept that it may use a system of achievement through the use of Cookies. These Cookies are small files which are installed to the hard drive; they have a limited lifetime, and help to customize services. The Nsys Tech LTD also offers certain features that are only available through the use of Cookies. These Cookies are used in order to know the interests, behavior and demographics of those who visit or are users of the Web sites of Nsys Tech LTD, to better understand their needs and interests to provide them with a better service or provide information relating them. The Nsys Tech LTD will also use the information obtained by means of cookies to analyze the pages navigate from the visitor or user, and research initiatives designed to improve the business, promotional, display advertising and promotions, banners interest, news on Nsys Tech LTD, improve the supply of content and articles, reference customize our content , presentation and services , and also to promote and fulfill the rules and the safety of the site. The Nsys Tech LTD may be added in the email that will send cookies to measure the effectiveness of promotions.

It states that the installation, permanence and existence of the User's computer Cookies will depend on the exclusivity of the latter and can be deleted from your computer to the will of the User. To know how to delete cookies from your system, you must see the Help section (Help) of the navigator.

Additionally, you can find cookies or other similar systems, installed by third parties on certain pages of the websites of Nsys Tech LTD. For example, when browsing a page created by some user, there may be a cookie installed in that page. It is clarified that these policies expressly cover the use of cookies for the sites of Nsys Tech LTD and not the use of cookies by advertisers. The Nsys Tech LTD does not control the use of cookies made by third parties.

4.3 Send this article to a friend

If the user decides to use the service “Send this product to a friend," the Nsys Tech LTD may request the name and email of the person who will receive the sending. By means of this functionality, Nsys Tech LTD will send an automatic e-mail inviting the recipient to visit some products on the Website and may make the achievement of the practice, but will not store the information for reference.

Implementing agree with its privacy policy , Nsys Tech LTD , shall take all necessary measures to prevent the sending of unsolicited e-mail , also states , together with its users that do not accept "spamming " or sending unsolicited e-mail . Consequently, it establishes the comprehensive prohibition of the use of the service called " Send this Article to a Friend" for purposes of spam, or the indiscriminate sending of messages of any nature by means of electronic mail , without the amounts purposes proposal. The Nsys Tech LTD has the full right to suspend or permanently disable those Users who use this service (Send this article to a friend) with the aim of promoting the sale of its products or any other different purpose than expected for this service, which have been denounced by those people who have received these messages.

5 Violations of system or data base

Is forbidden action or use any device, software, or any other instrument that may interfere so much in the activities and operations of the portals of Nsys Tech LTD, as in offers, descriptions, or accounts database of Nsys Tech LTD. Any interference , attempt or activities violator or contrary to the laws on intellectual property rights and / or the prohibitions stipulated in this contract will be liable to its relevant legal and responsible for the actions to the penalties provided in this Agreement, as shall be obliged  indemnify the damages caused .

6Penalties.Suspension of operations

Without prejudice to other measures, the Nsys Tech LTD will make warnings, suspend or disable permanently the temporal form of a User Account or publication, apply a sanction that involves a negative impact on the reputation of a user, start the actions as it deems appropriate and / or suspend the provision of its services in the following cases:

1 ) When the User infringe any rule , whether of a legal or those contained in the declaration of the Terms and conditions of use and related policies Nsys Tech LTD.

2) When the User is not fulfilled, as a good family man, his obligations as such.

3) When, according to the criterion of Nsys Tech LTD, incorrect in ducts or deceit or fraudulent.

4) When it was not possible to check the ' identity of ' User or prove erroneous when any information proportionate to the latter.

5) When, in the opinion of Nsys Tech LTD, publications or other actions could cause liability for the User who has published, for the Nsys Tech LTD, or other Users.

In the case of suspension or disqualification of a Member, all the articles that they had published will be removed from the system. The system will be removed, the offers of purchase of goods offered for auction.

7 Fail systems

Considering that the platform provided by the Nsys Tech LTD, is based in the systems software, hardware and the Internet , we can not guarantee access to and continued use of the site or uninterrupted . It is clear that the system may possibly not be available for fortuitous events or force majeure , as well as technical difficulties , flaws of the Internet, or any other circumstances not attributable to Nsys Tech LTD , in which case , it will endeavor to re-establish the service with the greatest speed possible, but , in substance, it shall have no liability in addition, it shall not be responsible for any error or omission contained in its Web site users will not be able to attribute any responsibility or even request them for payment profits, due to technical difficulties or damage resulting from flaws in the systems or the Internet .

8 System reputations of users

Considering that the verification of identity of users on the Internet is difficult , Nsys Tech LTD proposes a reputation system and commentaries that allows you to make public the trajectory and the reputation of the Users , the site of the portals of Nsys Tech LTD , taking into account the information and the opinions expressed by other members of the community of users , with the inclusion of commentaries and replies made by the same members under their sole responsibility. In this way, the user can access this qualification system which is updated periodically based on data bound with its activities at the site and comments made by other users, according to the operations carried out by them. Both the Members having been found buyers or winners of an offer , such as the User seller, must make a qualifying informing the concretion or not the transaction; may also make a comment if you so wish . This reputation system will have, also, a space in which Users can make comments and replies received to the qualifications and have access to them. These comments will be included under the sole responsibility of the users that they emit. All Users agree that the Nsys Tech LTD is not called to check if the comments in reference shall be true, accurate and / or proceeding, nor has any responsibility for transactions that users realize it or not, based on the trust you have placed in the qualifications of the bidder or their counterpart, or based on other comments made in the site or by any other means or media, including e-mail. Taking into account that the qualifications, comments and replies are made by the same users, their inclusion in the sites of Nsys Tech LTD is carried out under the sole responsibility of the users that they emit. The Nsys Tech LTD has no obligation to verify the veracity or accuracy of the same and DO NOT take any responsibility for the exhibitions held by the authors of qualifications or comments , as well as is not responsible for the offers to buy or sell that users to achieve based on the above commentaries , even for the trust deposited by you in the qualifiers with the other Member which states the report, and even when the user makes a decision on the basis of any other sites mentioned or comments expressed by any other means, including e-mail . The Nsys Tech LTD reserves the right to delete those commentaries that you consider unsuitable or offensive, as well as retains the right to exclude those Users who are the subject of negative commentaries from various sources.

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